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Ac compressors and spare parts


AC compressors and spare parts

We specialize in remanufacturing and sales of Automotive AC compressors – only OE – to passenger cars, trucks, busses, agriculture and industrial machines. 

During years of our existence we became one of the market leaders. Offering highest quality and biggest range of AC compressors in Europe, we believe that we are able to help you in any case on the AC compressors field.

Since we started in 2004 we have developed our compressor range to have over 2500 different compressors fitting to more than 17 000 vehicle models in 2010. 

All our remanufactured compressors are shipped with the correct amount of double end capped PAG oil in order to secure a long life for the entire AC system. Our double end capped oil is produced by Shrive (Texas) which is the largest automotive oil supplier in North America. Shrieve's oil is used by Thermoking, York and Matsushita in their OEM applications.

All Airstal compressors have to pass function and leak tests:
  • Efficiency test is made by ThermoLab Global test bench. This is a three step sequence and compressors are only approved if the performance is according the baseline data or max 10% lower.
  • Leak test is made with helium on Inficon tester.

We are offering you sales of profesionally remanufactured AC compressors as well as service of remanufacturing your own old compressor core.

Below how we handle this procedure:

  1. We receive customer’s old compressor for verification of needed repair (it is possible only after dismantling the compressor).
  2. Contact with the customer is the next step to inform about service costs.
  3. Customer needs to make a decision whether to start remanufacturing or not.
  4. In case of accepting costs by the client we start production process.
BEFORE                                                         AFTER

In 2006 we have succeeded to obtain an ISO 9001:2008 certificate and since then, we can proudly say, we continue to meet high certification standards every year. Implemented procedures, attention to details and most importantly highest quality allow us to cover our remanufactured products with 2 years warranty.

To fully supplement our AC offer we also provide sales of compressor spare parts. You can find in our range below products:
  • shaft seals and gaskets,
  • big range of different o-rings and washers,
  • valves,
  • pulleys,
  • clutches,
  • coils,
  • pulley bearings,  
  • Compressor oil PAG46, PAG100 and PAG150 in 25oml cans, 1l and 5l bottles.
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