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Starters, alternators and parts

 Airstal offers service of remanufacturing heavy duty rotating electrics. This reman line has been introduced in 2010 in order to offer our customers a better service within the auto-electric range.

The line is fully equipped with all necessary test equipment and tools and we are able to offer a complex remanufacturing of all starters up to 10 kW and all alternators up to 200 Amp.
Our reman process for starter and alternators looks as following: 
  1. Visual inspection of the unit in order to see if remanufacturing is possible.
  2. Total dismantling.
  3. All components are going under our total cleaning procedure that counts wet blasting, ultrasonic cleaning, glass blasting and hot water cleaning.
  4. Visual and electrical inspection of all components - new components are added if necessary.
  5. Assembling.
  6. Final testing.
  7. Installation of our product label in order to secure full traceability.
All products remanufactured by Airstal are covered by a two year warranty.


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